Meidono Yasha

Birthday: Dec 20th
Age: 15

Yasha has a serious anger problem –  she doesn’t take anyone’s crap and lets them know with a punch to the face. She prefers not to wear girly clothes of any kind, even to the point of refusing to wear a girls’ school uniform. There is some supernatural aspect to her; when she hits her breaking point, she turns into something else…

Kenkaku Hisaki

Birthday: Jan 1st
Age: 16

Hisaki is quiet and enigmatic, and despite preferring to be by himself, he became close friends with Yasha. He is fairly proficient in swordsmanship and martial arts, and has admitted to be searching for someone who wronged him in the past. On a lighter note, he really likes cats, and seems to have an endless supply of Hello Kitty-themed clothes.

Seibutsu Kakon

Birthday: Mar 13th
Age: 16

Even if he is a fairly skilled fighter, Kakon is a bit of a bully. He likes starting fights at school over the smallest issues and operates under the delusion that any male who looks at his girlfriend is after her. Strip away the layers of machismo and insecurity, and he’s not a bad guy… even if he still has issues being polite at that point.

Akisame Makoto

Birthday: Oct 9th
Age: 15

Makoto’s fun-loving personality has won her a lot of friends. Few things seem to bring her down – she is all sunshine and rainbows. Even so, she’s dating Kakon, and good friends with Yasha…two people who most won’t associate with. Makoto goes out of her way to have fun whenever she can, and it rubs off on the people around her.


Age: Unknown

Kijo is a wanted demon princess, and has been missing for 15 years. She once ruled over a race of shadow demons, and was chased out by a mysterious “Akujin.” While she is a powerful ally, she has little interest in making friends with Hisaki or anyone else, and only cares about her mission at hand: getting revenge on Akujin.


Age: Unknown

Haru is a lower denizen of the demon world. As such, she’s had to acquire a number of hunting skills just to survive. Though she is a demon, she’s been willing to work with everyone – though she and Kakon fight nearly constantly.

Villains (Under Construction)


Age: Unknown

Hasha is a bounty hunter from the demon world that has been dispatched by a mysterious party in order to locate Princess Kijo. As sadistic as he is tenacious, Hasha likes to humiliate his targets before capturing them.


Birthday: May 19th
Age: 21

Li is the devoted servant and vampire spawn of the powerful Makura. Being a highly skilled kung-fu master, and utterly loyal to her creator, she will fight to the death to protect him from any harm. Unlike most, she has not devolved into a feral creature, but maintains her mind and self-discipline.


Age: Unknown

Despite his youthful appearance, Makura is an ancient vampire who has survived the decimation of his people. Now much more cautious around the human race, he has decided to infiltrate the city in a quiet, methodical way. He wishes to avoid the torches and pitchforks of the past. He rules his little nest of ferals unchallenged, and he finds pleasure in toying with Li’s emotions.


Birthday: September 1st
Age: 26

Nekura is a mysterious man that seems to have some strong connection to Hisaki. He is one of the only humans seen living in the demon world, and he is shown great fear and respect by those that know him. He looks to be a powerful warrior, whose skills are only exceeded by his extreme and gleeful sadism.


Age: Unknown

Sato is a loyal and stoic demon that is a member of a small ninja clan outside the wastelands. He seems to have a bit more of a sense of morality than his fellows, but would never go against the wishes of his general, Touya.


Age: Unknown

Touya is a singularly dedicated ninja that has become obsessed with protecting his clan from the machinations of Akujin’s empire by gaining his favor and forming a strong alliance. This desire to protect his people can border on the obsessive, and he has been known to act quite recklessly in pursuit of his goal.


Age: Unknown

Akujin is the mysterious demon warlord who controls the wastes of the Demon World. Under his control, all other nations have been crushed, and a chaotic world of survival of the fittest is all that remains. As Kijo was the only leader to ever escape him, he is obsessed with hunting her down.