Hisaki and Yasha are an odd pair of friends: Hisaki is quiet, distant, and possibly keeping secrets from everyone, while Yasha is loud, violent, and in serious need of anger management. As they try to deal with each other, they soon find that creatures are after them for something they know nothing about: a demon supposedly hiding within one of them.

Trigger Warnings: Blood, death, violence, gore, and implied sexual assault.

How It’s Made

Currently, we reference a very old script and sketch out thumbnails page by page.. Much of the old script is revised or even trashed. From there, word bubbles are added. Thumbnails are refined from there, and then inked and toned over to create the finished page.

As for the actual tools we use: Clip Studio Paint EX and an iPad Pro.

How It Began

Kuro Shouri got started back in fall of 2003, when two crazed otaku teenagers on a school bus decided that making a manga of their own would be the coolest thing ever. After binging on unhealthy amounts of Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Yu Hakusho and other animes, a couple of character designs were pooped out and eventually, a very rough comic came to exist.

Bouts of laziness happened, and in 2005 it was decided to just get the comic done and over with. It was posted on DeviantART originally, and has been going even since the creators’ weeaboo phase ended. Which takes real strength.

About the Creators

Kiki has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil, and unfortunately the animu style happened around middle school. She likes cats and Nintendo games and has no sense of humor.

DJ describes his brain as a “creative hell-nado” and as such has designated himself the “Idea Guy.” He is a movie nerd, loves video games, and manages to write fight scenes for the comic in a matter of seconds.