Coming Soon: KS T-Shirt!

It’s being entered into a contest for free printing credit, but it’ll also be up for sale for anyone interested! Here’s the design:

Check back in the store soon for a shirt of your own. <3


The update schedule (For now)

If you haven’t been hanging around for a while, here’s some info. Kuro Shouri is actually 44 chapters long right now, so I am just uploading old pages for the moment. I upload 2 pages a day, about 6 – 8 hours apart.

Hope the people who are reading are enjoying. Do feel free to leave a comment every now and then, they make me feel less like I’m talking to myself. xD;


Volume 1 is available for purchase!

Yep, everything is set up and you can now buy volume one of Kuro Shouri! How? Simply click the “Store” menu button and follow the link in there…

To answer some questions people have had…

1) How much does it cost?
6.50 USD.

2) Is international shipping available?
Yep. The store you’re ordering from has two options: USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground shipping. It’s up to you which you want to use, but so far I’ve noticed that USPS is cheaper for both U.S. and international orders.

3) What is this store I’m ordering from?
IndyPlanet is the store run by the same company that prints my comic, Ka-Blam. By selling through them, they will print a fresh copy and ship it out every time someone orders. It’s cheaper and also gives anyone who orders less of a wait for their copy.

4) What’s in the book?
Chapters 1 through 5, plus a couple of really, really old sketches from long before I started working on the comic. Which means that if you laugh at them, I may have to kill you.

Can’t afford it? No worries, KS is continuing to update here, until it’s caught up (and aside from this first chapter, there are still 43 more chapters to go). Thanks for reading!